This is Mister.

This is Mister Robert Browning. Mister had big boy paws when he was a bitsy kitten, and he's now a very, VERY big boy who has a curious little nose and a habit of stepping his big boy paws into everything. This is a good view what it looks like when the Mister is afoot, wanting to know what's going on and if he can help please.

Mister especially likes it when I cook and bake because there are so many things for his curious little sniffer to sniff. This is a problem.

Mister knows he is not allowed on the counter. Mister tries very hard to be good, but it's a struggle. There are things to see and sniff on the counter!

Last night, when I was trying to bake, Mister wanted to be part of it. He always wants to be a part of it. But my kitchen is tiny and the counter space is comically limited. There is no room for poor Mister! He does not seem to understand this.

He makes a happy little trill sound when he jumps up. It's his little warning noise. There I was with a big bowl full of raw eggs when I heard his cheerful trill... brrrpth!

Twenty pounds of cat (literally) landed on the counter directly on top of the bowl, three legs neatly straddling it and one big boy paw firmly smackity dab in the middle of all that egginess.

There was a Three Stooges moment of slapstick comedy struggle where I had lift him, hold his fuzzy slippery self while he wiggled, and then clean his little eggy paw with a paper towel like he was a toddler with grubby hands.

Mister makes life interesting sometimes.

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