Starting with a Sentence

A very wise person told me that during the quarantine, we have to pick one expectation of normality a day...and let that expectation go. And while we're letting go of expectations of normality, now is not the time to hold ourselves to some higher standard, to force ourselves to "make the best of it," to learn twenty new skills. It's just the time to take care of ourselves at a very basic level.

I like that. The mindset of "you didn't lack the time, you lacked the discipline" is toxic to people's mental health. If anyone suggests this, cheerfully and politely ignore them.

So for me, the expectation of sitting down and writing creatively these few weeks has simply not materialized. As you can tell here, I am writing, but certainly not fiction. I've been baking. And watching Guy Fieri! But I haven't gotten very deep into my creative production.

Yesterday I pulled out my Storymatic card deck to help me get inspired. I already have a story idea, but I just keep not working on it; I thought the cards might help. Here are the cards I pulled:

The goal of the gray ("riff") cards and the blue ("sensory connect") card is to find some variation of the gray cards and connect them with sensory detail. Then you write one sentence with it. So here's my sentence where I took variations of "ghost" and "grave" to connect with visually:

He had expected a ghostwriter to look like a no one, an empty vessel of someone else’s dreams or someone whose own gray dreams had found an early grave.

I have no idea where I'm going with this. I don't know if it fits into the story I was working on or not. I don't know who "he" is, or who the ghostwriter is, or what the ghostwriter has written. But I like my sentence (very much)... and every piece of writing starts somewhere!

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