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Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I'll be doing my best to document my creations, thoughts, and inspiration. Here we go!

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Graceling by Kristin Cashore- I have no idea how I’ve never read this before given that I’ve heard so much about it and it’s been out for years. I started reading it during MCCARE time, so I’m going to try to carve out a little time to read it daily.

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My writing playlist: Playlist types subject to change every five minutes based on my mood and the tone of what I'm working on!

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Sugar cookies! See below

Baking Sugar Cookies

I despise most sugar cookies... but I love the Great American Cookie Company's sugar cookies. Most sugar cookies: dry, crumbly pucks of dense desert-like flour and cloying chalky sweetness. Most sugar cookies, if they have sprinkles on top, have either disgusting chalky dot sprinkles or some overly-sweet dry icing which further dehydrates the mouth. Unacceptable. The Great American Cookie Company's sugar cookies: delicate, tender, buttery, topped with decorative sugar melted right in—a whole fantasy world of joy contained within a sugary circle.

I could wax poetic about their sugar cookies (and to be honest, their chocolate chip cookies) pretty much forever.

And then...the mall closed. It's not like I go to the mall much or get GACC's cookies much. Like, once every several months at best. But. But. Now I can't. The psychological state of knowing that I can't go even if I wanted makes everything different. It shouldn't matter. But that's how my brain works. The possibility remains available: okay, cool, don't need it right now. The possibility is foreclosed: NO I MUST HAVE MUST MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW. Brains are like that.

There was only one solution. I had to make them myself! I went online to find imitation recipes. There were lots of recipes claiming to be the best chewy sugar cookies ever.

The one I ultimately settled on based on the number of positive reviews was the Food Network's recipe for chewy sugar cookies. That tender bite as opposed to the dusty crunch of dry sugar cookies is the most essential element for me.

I pulled out my beautifully ugly green hand mixer that belonged to my grandmother and began baking.

If you know me... you know I have a thing for the color black, and I like using it in as many unexpected contexts as possible because I find it delightful and amusing. This would be why one time I dyed all of my Easter eggs black, and why I bought a large container of black decorative sugar last Halloween. I did not use it for Halloween baking...I saved it so I could decorate all of my baking year-round with black sugar.

Black sugar cookies... yessssss.

These might have been the most delicious cookies I've ever baked in my life. How many things compare to the alchemical beauty of a few simple ingredients transforming into the most delicious scents and flavors? Delicious cookies are good for the soul.

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