Life & Writing Update!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a writing life update. On the nonfiction publication front, my second book for Rowman and Littlefield, Dealing With Stress: Insights and Tips for Teenagers, is due to the publisher on August 1st, so... please wish me luck finishing the manuscript. (I need more than luck. I need an extra brain or three to assist.)

On the fiction writing front, it’s already my third MFA semester at the Vermont College of Fine Arts! This semester I am embarking on the first of two MFA thesis journeys: the critical thesis. In addition to writing the critical thesis, I’ll be building the groundwork for my creative thesis coming in January. This semester, I’ll be mentored by the absolutely brilliant faculty advisor A.R. Capetta. I’m so thrilled. You may have noticed their latest release Stranger Things: Rebel Robin in stores—I saw it prominently featured in a Walmart in while taking some vacation time in North Carolina, and it felt like spotting a rock star in the wild. (“Ahhh! That’s my advisor!”)

By the end of August, I'll have submitted a complete book manuscript to my publisher AND submitted a complete rough draft of a critical thesis to A.R. Onward!

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