It happened. It finally happened. I RAN OUT OF BREAD. I was so pleased with myself. I had bread! The grocery shelves were barren of this beautiful, delicious carb. But I HAD SOME! I rationed it carefully.

Then I began to worry that it would go moldy or stale before I used it all. So in a BRILLIANT move, I made my favorite, favorite breakfast out of ALL the bread and refrigerate containers of it so I could have some every morning.

Oh, that ambrosial delight, that carb drenched in fried buttery goodness and wonderful eggy goldenness, EGG IN A TOAST. No amount of butter is too much when it comes to frying it up. No amount of excess is wrong. Egg in a toast is here for all of our decadent excesses—if ever there were a breakfast for quarantine times to make up for all that is wrong with all that is good, it is egg in a toast.

Yes. I know. Everyone else calls it "egg in a basket" or some other silly name like "toad in a hole." What nonsense. I have called it egg in a toast since I was old enough to request it from my mom or grandma, and egg in a toast it shall stay.

Please do not judge my photo. I realize it looks terrible. You see, I always made them on non-stick pans but I've transferred to using cast iron pans and I haven't quite gotten the knack of it yet; they stick differently so they get horribly mangled when I flip them. I will learn. Also, the seasoning leaves a little bit of char on the egg. It is still delicious despite its aesthetic failings.

My idea worked wonderfully. I turned all of the bread into egg(s) in (many) toast(s). Put it in a container, refrigerate, and then just pop one on a plate and microwave it for 60 seconds. It's nearly as good as fresh off the frying pan. I like my yolks runny, since they make a tasty sauce, so it did de-runnify the yolks a good bit, but still yum.

This morning I ate my last pre-made egg in a toast. I have eggs still. But no toast.

I am trying to be socially responsible, so I'm not going to the grocery (and even if I did, there's probably no bread there anyway). There's only one solution...

I have to bake my own bread. Yes, I did prepare for this contingency. On my last grocery run for quarantine preparations, I bought bread flour, yeast, and all the other bread-y ingredients. There is a 105% chance of failure.

So...let's get this bread!

Stay tuned. Probably going to have to update the "Bake with Dr. C" tag to "Fail at Baking Bread with Dr. C."

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