Earning My Quarantine Badge

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I like the word "autodidact." Self-learning is fun. I think that we're all autodidacts to a certain extent, some more than others—depending on how much they enjoy it.

When I was a kid, I was a Brownie Girl Scout for a year. I loved it. (I didn't quit; neither my mom nor I remember why I only did it for a year, but we think it was because the troop leader moved.) I had the handbook and this other book full of Girl Scout badges that you could earn, and I was obsessed with them. I made lists of badges I wanted to earn and things I wanted to learn and activities I wanted to do. Obviously, I never got around to getting those badges since I was only in the troop for a year, but that desire stuck with me.

Actually, now I'm thinking...can I just order those badges online and award them to myself? I could just buy a sash and iron them on...who could stop me? I could be the queen of the badges after all!

Is there a badge for learning how to bake bread under quarantine?? Or learning how to sew your own face mask?

I'm using the CDC's instructions for sewing my own face mask right now, and it would have taken me half a second if I had a sewing machine and knew how to use one. It is not taking me half a second to stitch it by hand.

After I finish this mask... I need to look up how to buy Girl Scout badges. I'm going to reward myself even though I'm decades too old.

Why not!? I hereby declare myself a Quarantine Scout embarking on my very own Quarantine Badge Challenge.

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