Chocolate Chip Cookies, Minus the Magic

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Today, I baked chocolate chip cookies. Coming off of my success with replicating the beautiful texture of my favorite sugar cookies, I hoped to achieve the same thing with a Great American Cookie Company copycat recipe for chocolate chips. I chose this recipe.

Unfortunately, this recipe missed the mark. As far as homemade chocolate chip cookies go, they’re fine. Nothing extraordinary, but not bad either.

What I wanted was that inexplicably perfect, buttery bite where the velvety dough and the chocolate are nearly the same texture that just melts in your mouth. The cookies I baked were just okay. They didn’t have that magical butteriness—they weren’t dry, but they weren’t quite delicate enough or maybe it was that there wasn’t enough melting spread to the dough.

I started thinking that it seems to me that the primary difference between a chocolate chip cookie dough and a sugar cookie dough is the inclusion of brown sugar in the former. (I might be wrong about that; I’m not a baking expert.) Since I loved the sugar cookie dough I made the other day… what if I substituted part of the white sugar in that recipe for brown sugar and added chocolate chips? No need to wonder for that long… it’s going to be a future experiment!

There is every possibility that this is entirely wrong and I have created a revolting monstrosity. I can't wait to find out!

I can’t do it right away, though, because 1) I don’t have any chocolate chips left and I’m not going to the store for that and 2) I am going to try to bake my first loaf of bread next. I’m looking at some no-knead bread recipes from Tasty. Wish me luck!

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