I am currently seeking interview subjects for a non-fiction book for teenagers coping with depression. (I am under contract with a publisher and on a deadline, so I am hoping to conduct all interviews by November/December 2019.) I am looking for individuals to share their personal experiences and anecdotes


This is a sensitive topic, so your privacy is essential to me. You will have to sign a release to allow me to use the material from our interview, and if you are under 18, your parents/guardians will have to sign for you. However, your information will be kept completely confidential. In the book, all names will be changed to protect your identity. The interview can be online or in person, depending on your location & comfort.


Potential areas of discussion can include...

  • Identifying personal values & realistic pursuit of those values

  • Managing personal & familial/parental expectations

  • Managing academic & personal responsibilities and pressures

  • Choosing future paths

  • Interpersonal relationships (both offline and online)—peers, friends, platonic & sexual relationships

    • This is extremely broad, but includes managing feelings of social anxiety/isolation, coping with bullying/peer pressure, domestic violence & sexual violence, finding trusted adults

  • LGBTQIA+ experiences

  • Coping with sexism, racism, & marginalization

  • Managing social media & texting

  • Family dysfunction

  • Body image

  • Finding good personal fits for therapy & other coping resources

If you have experienced depression or any of these issues and are willing to talk with me, please complete the contact form below.

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